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Synopsis of Jeffersonville

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• Original settlers in the 1830¹s were Dewitt, Quick, Schermerhorn, Ward, Hofer, Scheidell, Schneider.

• Original background: Swiss, with all records and documents written in German, including the local newspaper "Volksblatt."

• Original village name: "Winkelried," named for the Swiss settlers¹ society.

• The name "Jeffersonville" came from the village¹s first hotel, built by Charles J. Langhorn. The Jefferson House, named in honor of U.S. President Thomas Jefferson, is now known as the Abel Building on Main Street.

• First commercial hotel: The Beck House, 1882, was located on the "island"; no longer standing, it burned down.

• Telegraph: linked Jeffersonville to Liberty, 1887.

• Altitude: highest point is upper Jefferson Avenue, 1275 feet; lowest point is Kohlertown, 1040 feet

• Geography: Callicoon Creek watershed with the convergence of two branches in the village-the Lake Jefferson outlet and Laundry Brook. The bedrock was laid down some 350 million years ago in the Upper Devonian Period. The village is part of the Katsberg formation molded during the Wisconsin Glaciation which ended about 10,000 years ago.

• Area: 1.5 square miles, with 4.23 miles of streets including the state highway. 23-acre Lake Jefferson lies within the village boundaries.

• Petition to incorporate: September 13, 1924. Certificate of Incorporation: November 24, 1924.

• Village Board meetings held at: Lieb¹s office, the Mansion House, the Dolly Madison Shoppe, Ed Weber¹s office, Segar¹s store, upstairs at the firehouse, settling finally at the "Old Firehouse," which presently is the Village Hall on Center Street. Russell Duttweiler donated this building to the village.

• First village election: November 11, 1924. President: William Lieb, Trustees: Howard C. VanKeuren and Abram Friedman, Supt. of Public Works: William H. Lawrence, Temporary Clerk: Charles Hick, Replaced by: Robert Mann, Treasurer: Otto Bollenbach

• Population: In 1950 = 421. In 1990 = 484.

• Eagle Hotel fire in 1918, destroyed many businesses. The hotel fronted from the current Ted¹s Restaurant through the hardware store along Main Street, and the property extended back to Jefferson Avenue.

• First bus route was to Liberty in 1911, a 12-passenger car run by Fred Duttweiler.

• April, 1939: Officially adopted Daylight Savings Time.

• Persons in the same house now as they were in 1985: 237 persons.

• Average travel time to work in 1998: 24 minutes.

• Longest term in Mayor¹s office: Frederick W.V. Schadt, 42 years. Also, longest term in USA.

• Longest term as Trustee: Russell E. Duttweiler, 32 years.

• Longest term as Clerk/Treasurer: Louise Gorr, 26 years.

• Longest term as Health Officer: Dr. J.C. Gain, 25 years.

• Longest term as Justice: Walter McKeen, 19 years.

• Historians: Martha M. Scheidell, 5 years; Joseph (Jesse) Abel, 11 years; Maureen Schlott, present.

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